Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are "green firms" really green?

Interesting analysis of firms claims to be "carbon neutral" over at the Wall Street Journal. Firms claim to be environmentally safe in order to stimulate demand. But those claims may be bogus, especially when it comes to the purchase of carbon offsets - supporting emissions reduction that would have taken place anyway.

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Antonio Joyette said...

This claim to be "green" is all about getting more "green". Today everyone and every thing wants to claim "environmentally friendly" status, because they are looking for the support of those environmentally conscious individuals for support - as consumers and donors. I believe when an audit is done by the authorities it may show that perhaps 25% (my guess) or less of them are really deserving of such a status. They do not practice or even support "green" events. Its the money they are all after. Once the economy gets "brown" they go "brown" too. They are chameleons. They can be any colour for the money.