Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EU fisheries over-capitalized; system broken

From ENN: "EU fishing policy not working"

Uncertian property rights lead to a "race to fish", excess fleet capacity and diminished stocks.
A system of transferrable quotas might be the answer... wow, who would've thought it?

Why is it taking so long for everyone to figure this out?


1. Make hard choices now that will upset some current fishers, but allow society to enjoy fish forever
2. Follow business as usual so that fishers are not upset in the short term; destroy fisheries in the long term


Kendyll Goeman said...

Destroying fisheries in the future shouldn’t be an option. Clearly the current quota will not work if fishermen are blockading the English Chanel in protest. A slow transition to smaller fleets should be made. Government should cease new employment in the fishing field. Every option results in presenting fishermen with subsides; are new fishermen jumping on board for the additional 4 million in subsides? Hard choices should be made now, but they should be implemented slowly. Stricter punishments for excessive bycatch and overfishing endangered species should also be implemented. “No fishing zones” or safe nurseries are needed to aid in fish repopulation.

Stuart Foreman said...

Kendyll is right. It should be a slow process, but needs to be done. Not only implimenting quotas on the quantity of fish caught, but maybe even an increase in size limitations to the fish that are kept. From my personal experience of flounder fishing at Oregon Inlet, where the sport size limit is 14in. the commercial size limit is 13in. Practically every flounder you catch is about 12.5 inches and has to be thrown back. I hear in Virginia the size limits are higher than NC and so are the sizes of the throw backs. If you increase the size limits slowly, eventually you'll have bigger fish which are able to reproduce and have a better chance against their preditors resulting in a higher population for that species. That kinda makes since right??