Friday, September 11, 2009

Is this a technology standard or a performance standard?

From the N.Y. Times: "Feds, California look to Cut TV Energy Use"


Anonymous said...

I would say it is a performance standard. There may be different technical solutions to acheive these ratings. If it were it technology standard it would for example specify more detailed criteria and methodology and be more restrictive in the ways to achieve the ratings.

Derek Alleyne, CERMES

Anonymous said...

I would say that this is a performance standard. Technology standards deal with what inputs can or cannot be used by law. This new mandate seems to deal more with allowable amounts of pollution. Televisions will have the maximum amount of energy that they can use lowered with two phases, ending in May 2012. - Ryan D

Anonymous said...

This would be a technology standard. It would make all electonic devices have a set performance standard to qualify to meet Engery Star program. The EPA needs to make changes on their standards (ESP)so it can be mandated to the manufacturers which the EPA will review annually to ensure company compliance or fine them until they come to compliance.
Jerry Brown

Maggie Yayac said...

I would say this is a technology standard. A technology standard is a restriction on imputs. The Energy Star program is just increasing those restrictions on the amount of watts a flat panel TV can produce. These new restrictions are not neccessairly focusing on the amount of pollution emitted(performance standard) although these standards will lower the pollution output.