Friday, October 30, 2009

Sustainability fee shot down by UNCW student government

It didn't even come close to passing.

Read about it at the Seahawk online.


Zach said...

This is kind of disappointing becuase you pay for all these other fees and dont know where they go. At least with the sustainability fee you know where its going.

John Gilstrap

Anonymous said...

I feel like some students may be against a fee like this, but not anymore than they're against an athletic fee if they don't go to sporting events, or a fee that pays for the rec center programs if they don't use the facilities. I know that times are hard right now, but there's always going to be an excuse not to do something (besides I doubt this fee would be very large per person). Besides if they use the mentality that the students won't get the benefits because they will have graduated by the time the savings kick in, then a program like this will never happen.
A. Parker

Anthony said...

Anyone can find where there money is going, and plenty of people here at the university are willing to explain it to you. As the former student body treasurer I have sat on numerous boards and seen exactly what is being talked about first hand. I have seen where, in my opinion, money is frivolously spent and where "fat has been cut".

Money from fees now pays for future projects as well as current endeavors. This fee may have been shot down but it doesnt mean you cant do something about it if you feel passionate enough.

One of the most interesting things I have seen over the years is how quickly people are to criticize and how slow they are to act.

- Anthony Gregorius

Dr. Peter Schuhmann said...


Do you have any insight regarding the sustainability fee discussion?

Tyler said...

I'm not exactly buying the argument made that the sustainability fee should be shot down, because the plans would not impact students now.
I would say the majority of the buildings on campus didn't greatly impact the students that were attending during their construction, and I can safely say the student body is thankful they were all completed.
It just seems almost hypocritical to enjoy the benefits of past endeavors and not "pay it forward" by investing in projects for future students, because the student government feels like every project should include benefits for current students.
-Tyler Nagelvoort

Anonymous said...

After reading about this issue in the school newspaper, it is stated that some of the main concerns are whether or not the money will be seen by current students, and that the current economic environment is rough. I'm not necessarily the greenest person so I don't really feel that passionate that this got shot down, but as far as I'm concerned both of those reasons are pretty weak. The paper said the proposed fee is $5 per student per semester. If this proposed fee was added to our tuition bill, 99% of students wouldn't even notice because it's such a small amount. Also, as stated by people above, plenty of the money in our student fees goes to projects that may impact future students. To use that as an excuse seems ridiculous. - Ryan D.