Saturday, October 9, 2010

NOAA fisheries research

Here's a link to an outline of NOAA grant support for endangered species research.

Can you link one or more of these to a valuation research question?

That is, once the science is complete, how might the resulting information be combined with economic valuation (market or non-market) to address a policy question?

What valuation techniques might be employed?

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Jenelle Orosco said...

The grants provided are for the recovery of threatened and endangered species. This suggests how much these organisms are valued.The intent to recover these organisms is a means of conservation and it displays the bequest value of these organisms.

The main research question that may arise out of these project is; what is the monetary value of the lost species compared to the conservation of the species via a cost-benefit analysis?

Furthermore, these organisms include non-use and use, non-market goods. Hence for the non-use organisms stated preference valuation methods can be used. These include, contingent valuation method and choice modeling. One example is captive breeding of the white abalone.On the other hand, use value such as the coral reef conservation project can be valued by revealed preference methods such as the travel cost technique. In this instance the amount of money spent in traveling to visit the reef can be assessed.