Wednesday, May 25, 2011

People don't seem to want electric cars

At least in the U.S.

The opposition seems to come from driving range issues and battery cost. From what I understand the battery cost worries are overblown. I'd consider buying one if they weren't so expensive, even with the subsidy. Right now I drive a beat-up old Honda Civic (1992 model and still runs like a champ), and get incredible gas mileage.

We know that gas prices are changing the way people drive and affecting purchasing power. Read about it here and here. So, what will it take for people to make big changes?

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Shaira Rodriguez said...

I think electric cars are too expensive and people will not be willing to pay for a higher electricity bill. I rather pay for gas that is less time consuming because with an electric car it can take up to few hours to charge. At the end I think gas cars will be cheaper because Car prices may go down and if gas prices go up there will be a balance. With electric cars the cars will be too expensive plus we will get higher Electric bills. When people start charging the cars at other places rather than their home there will be issues and the people been affected will try to get rid of the Electric cars.