Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More on energy externalities

Great article here at Politico describing the external costs of our energy.
Everyone should read this.


Alex Cashion said...

Wow, I never knew how much we aren't taking into consideration when we price our energy. I'm surprised we haven't taken the negative externalities into consideration yet. Have we taken any steps before this or since this article with pricing including negative externality costs?

Alex Cashion said...

(I know you posted this a while ago, but i'm curious!)

Miranda West said...

This is kind of crazy. Americans are educated. The people making our laws and regulations realize that dirty energy is negatively affecting human health but won't do anything about it. Not only does there need to be reprimand for the energy sources that contribute dirty energy, there needs to be rewards for companies that don't. With oil prices like they are, people should be looking for alternatives. If not now, when is a better time to start turning to them? We know the harmful effects and we know that it's only going to get worse. With a little push, some consideration and some externality searching, we could start to shift away from dirty energy.