Thursday, September 8, 2011

the true cost of a gallon of gas

Here is a report suggesting that externalities bring the true cost of a gallon of gas up significantly (between $5 and $15). The report is several years old and pre-9/11, so we can probably assume that the numbers would be higher today.

Here's a piece by Ezra Klein at the Washington Post from 2010 that discusses the same issues.

More here at Catalyst.

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Jonathan B said...

That post really intrigues me and makes me wonder why the US gov. hasn't started (or if they have) lowering oil subsidies to raise pump prices in order to spark more interest in R&D and green transportation. I know in class today we talked about it for a minute and I wondered why? Are there special interest groups or corrupt politicians in shadowy entities' pockets?? Probably..but I feel like the majority of Congress would support a large Green Energy movement in the realm of transportation...ideas have been used, evidence is out there! Magnetic trains, subways, buses, major bike cities! Why can't America kick her "new car" fetish and invest in Green Businesses instead of GM, Ford, and Chevy? I think we should research mag lev trains for transport from city to city and just have trucks unload from there to the destination! It took me like 3 sec. to think of that I'm sure that we CAN do it (change our gasoline-powered ways I mean) but I just want to know why we haven't?? Do you think its not enough Environmental Support in Congress, other pressing issues, low funding (our debt...), a mix of all?? What do you think!?