Friday, October 14, 2011

Strong policy and tough decisions needed

This could be the mantra for just about any conservation policy, and is especially true in tough economic times, but in this case pertains to renewable energy in the Caribbean.
Here's a short article at the Barbados Advocate.
How do we garner the support for these tough decisions? How do we get people, businesses and governments to forsake personal gain for the long-term betterment of society? What are the primary obstacles? What are examples of other problems we face today (i.e. other than renewable energy) that can be presented in the same framework?


Anthony Stokes said...

In tough economic times it is going to be hard to garner support for initiatives that are not going to pay off in the immediate future. People need jobs and money to pay the bills. They are not concerned with the future, however they should be. In order to get more support for project's that will be beneficial for the future, there must be some economic incentive for the present, in the form of tax breaks, subsidies, etc. The United States is the worst offender when it comes to energy sustainability. We drive the biggest SUV's we can find and consume at a enormous rate. Take a trip to McDonald's and look at the serving sizes and you can get a feel of our lifestyle.I feel that it does not help matters when politicians,like Gov. Perry of Texas,basically say Global Climate Change does not exist. Most scientists agree that we are causing the planet's temperatures to rise.

Blogger said...

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