Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jobs and recycling

Here is a link to a report stating that increasing the rate of recycling in the U.S. from 33% to 75% over the next 20 years could create a lot of jobs and less pollution.

I have not read the study all the way through.

Where will the jobs come from?
Have the analysts omitted anything?


rockhugger77 said...

The site says source not found, this article is no longer avaliable, FYI.

Ashley King said...

Although this article is no longer available, you had some interesting questions. If recycling was to increase by such a large amount it is obvious that there would be less pollution. The jobs that could come out of this increase in recycling could be working in factories that reuse all of the recyclables to create new things. However, with more factories melting down these recyclables and completely transforming them would come air pollution which could be just as bad as pollution resulting from a lack of recycling.