Saturday, September 15, 2012

Readings on economic incentives for pollution control

Here is a link to a report on the use of economic incentives for pollution control in the US. You can use the "quick links" on the right to navigate the document.

Environmental Defense Fund has a short piece on how the use of incentives was a powerful solution to addressing acid rain.

The Environmental Literacy Council has a nice short article on standards vs. incentives.

Here's more from the World Bank.

Here is a short article on economic incentives for water quality management from the WHO.

Here is a great article by Robert Stavins on the topic.

Lots of great information in this report on Economic Incentives for Pollution Control from UNEP.


N Lipscomb said...

Okay, going back a month on the blog I ran into an article of interest. This is an article of how the Chicago Climate Exchange worked as a Cap-and-trade system and how Carbon Financial Instruments worked within a specialized securities exchange. Unfortunately, as some of you may know, it shut down due to the fact that a lack of hard government regulation lead to lower incentives for high-abatement-cost companies to join (it was a voluntary membership group).

It's a little over four pages plus a bibliography.

-N Lipscomb

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