Saturday, June 3, 2017

The economic value of the natural environment

A few weeks ago the Dean of the Cameron School of Business at UNCW, Dr. Robert Burrus, asked me to write a blog post for the Greater Wilmington Business Journal related to the economy and the environment.

Here is what I came up with.

Please let me know what you think.


Jacob Goetsch said...

This article was intriguing in all aspects. Stating that our decisions have impacts such as costs and benefits that aren't readily shown but will be addressed in the future is a topic to debate and weigh heavily. This is a serious issue that needs to be thought about thoroughly.

Dillon Bass said...

Dr. Schumann,

I think this was an excellent start to give a broad explanation of what this particular class entails. Before entering this class I would've never thought about some of the topics briefly explained in the article, and I'm sure other never have either. I think it was a great decision on Dr. Burrus and your behalf to post this article to the Wilmington people. If one local person reads this article and they change their way of looking at things I think you have made a difference.

Shea Amdur said...

The article presented a contradicting view that most dont even think about very well supported by fact. I think this can shed a lot of light on environmental issues showing how much they do affect the economy. The more aware people can become about these issues from both sides of the argument the better it is.

natalie cibel said...

Dr. Schumann,

I was very fascinated by this article. I like how you give an introduction about the class and what will be our main topics of discussion. For example, you explain that our decisions have multiple impacts on things like cost and benefits. Although you mention that is a topic for more future discussion, I think you made a great point to introduce what will be explained more later on. This article highlights serious issues between our economy and the impacts it has on our environment and it should be brought to more peoples attention.