Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paying not to cut down trees

Here is an article about wealthy nations paying poorer nations to not cut down forests.


The Keeper said...

I am not sure if Gordon Brown's plans to save the rainforest of other countries so that Europe can benefit was well thought out. I wonder if thats why he is running into opposition. Anyway I believe he is trying its not going to work. Even though the issue of property rights are pretty much settled in the attempt, there is still the fact of how much money the countries, to whom these forest belong, would like to have for not cutting them down. I believe that even though there may be good faith in the deal. It is pretty much impractical; unenforceable. Are these countries going to get forest police?

The opportunity cost of forgoing forest removal needs to be carefully considered even thought is a good move to reduce global pollution. It does not matter where the funds come from, there is a multiple source of funds in the forest removal process...removal itself, sale of timber, agriculturalisation of the land and sale of the products, etc etc.

Another thing, do we really believe creating a nation of dependent tree huggers is the answer to global pollution or third world poverty? I think not. This plan is simply going to create more slums and over crowded urban and sub-urban areas. What is need is planned forestation and development. Perhaps the forested nations should let the europeans bid on trees. May be that would work? Hmmmmm I wonder! Another look at the plan is needed


Neribee said...

Paying not to cut down trees’ seem to be an excellent idea especially for developing states which have more than 65% of there lands in forest. However, the challenge is to implement such plan.
I think it will be good for small Island states to be involved in the carbon market. The contribution of small Island states to green house gas emission is small, so it will be good for these islands to be compensated for not polluting the air!
Another point, can we look at the concept of not paying to cut down trees as a way in which developed countries can compensate developing countries for the damage they have done to the world’s atmosphere. I do hope the value proposed by developed countries for not cutting down a tree is economically viable for the recipients

Dr. Peter Schuhmann said...

Interesting follow-up:

Dr. Peter Schuhmann said...

USA Today provides a similar article regarding global warming and even describes how much China thinks developed nations should set aside: