Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Higher profit from sustainable uses

An interesting angle on market incentives from Reuters.

More info about REDDs here and a recent news article here.

More about carbon offsets here.

And carbon markets here.


Alex Arnett said...

Very interesting articles. A single phrase from the second article about REDDs really caught my attention- where it pointed out that this system represents a North-to-South flow of wealth. I think this is important as a matter of social justice. To a lot of the third world, I think that we as Americans often look like hypocrites. We were able to industrialize by polluting and exploiting resources however we wished, and now we are trying to regulate their activities while they are starving.

I think it is really awesome to see their natural wealth recognized not just with lip service but with real money. Such an inflow of capital could someday lead to something great. Perhaps someday South America could someday be as affluent as North America, and yet still have more of its beautiful forests untouched!

Chris Smith said...

The article from Reuters gives hope. If the whole world would match their attempts at preservation we would be much better off. It is a solid point though that if you can make money from clearing rain forest by raising cattle on that land it is hard not to take the profitable way out.

Joel Garner said...

To match preservation with a somewhat of a world guide would be great but i believe it to be inefficient. Wealth as mentioned in the article is the largest interest and what will in turn drive this market. Greed drives our economy and in many cases that is what in turn helplessly drives economics.

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