Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ecosystem values from trees

This is really cool: http://ecosystemcommons.org/discussion/ohio-state-unv-ecosystem-services-awareness

Background info here: http://www.itreetools.org/


Nick Tuttle said...

i-Tree is an extremely neat production of software that collaborates perfectly with the material in 330. It seems that OSU has taken large steps toward spreading the awareness of benefits that we receive from trees. I am sure many environmental economists are pleased with its creation based on its full-package capabilities. Despite its 130-page instruction manual, the software doesn't appear to be too complicated. This would serve as a great side project for this course as well as Econometrics.

From glancing at the article comments, it isn't hard to spot the controversial emotions that many people feel about environmental valuation.

Anna Barringer said...

This software is really interesting, even at a brief glance. Just as Nick said, this software doesn’t seem to be complicated as the analysis tools and utility programs are described very well, but the research and development behind it must have been beyond extensive.
I would be interested to see the most recent use of this i-Tree application, and the reasons behind that use to see if using the software is an integral part of development processes.
I'm not surprised that there is now software that can provide applications and tools that provide valuation on all types of trees, so how long will it be before we get an i-Mountain or i-Reef program?