Wednesday, November 14, 2012

North Atlantic Swordfish are back

It's hard to believe that NMFS is labeling N. Atlantic swordfish as a sustainable seafood choice. This is a major victory for international fisheries management.  Read about it here at NOAA.

A short summary of the regulations can be found here.

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Melony said...

I'm encouraged by this success, especially where the compliance of fishers were concerned. They made sacrifices, something ordinary "Commons" thinking does not allow. And that the intervention by scientists, managers and fishers was not limited to one species brings to mind the need for such a broad-based conservation practice wherever conservation methods are utilized. Having a resurgence in only one species at a time may create imbalances elsewhere, which were not sufficiently accounted for at the outset of intervention (if it were indeed possible to calculate for all events). I still applaud success wherever it occurs.