Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ethanol subsidies and gas taxes

Here is an interesting editorial by Charles Lane at the Washington Post.  The topic is ethanol subsidies.

More on the topic here at Dickinson College. 

Here is an academic article on the topic, where the authors conduct a welfare analysis of the subsidy program (warning: math).

Here is an editorial by Valarie Karplus at the NYT, making a case for higher gas taxes. 

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Robb C said...

It seems to me that while we are on the right track to be thinking and moving forward on becoming less dependent on foreign fossil fuels, all the energy that is put into the agriculture, capture, manufacturing and delivery of the ethanol product is actually producing more waste and pollution and causing the US to depend more on fossil fuels to power the machines to make the Ethanol.
Am I wrong to think this?