Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Standards vs. Incentives

Here is some additional reading from the US EPA on standards vs. incentives.

More detail is provided in this document (also from EPA). 

Here is a nice paper on the topic from the World Resources Institute.

What are some success stories where economic incentives have been used to reduce pollution?

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Craig DeSimone said...

Dr. Schuhmann,

In an english class a few years back we were asked to do a project on a issue that has affected you near home. I am from Long Island, NY, and I chose to do hydraulic fracturing because of all the talk of drilling in the Marcellus shale in upstate NY and PA. The FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibilities and Awareness of Chemicals Act) requires companies to reveal what chemicals are being put in the mixtures pumped underground to fracture. Would this be an example of an attempt at mandatory information disclosure? I am not sure of the success of this or if the bills ever passed but I have seen abbreviated lists of what chemicals are used and many are known to be harmful and possible carcinogens and its pretty scary.