Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Summer!

I hope you enjoyed the course. Please feel free to post your favorite or least favorite topics here. Did you learn some new and useful stuff?  What topics would you say are essential for EVS majors to understand? How about ECN majors? I enjoyed the course and our discussions very much. I hope the rest of your summer is great. 


McLeod Brown said...

I really enjoyed this course a lot. Coming from an economics major point of view, I learned a lot of different ways to approach certain scenarios I didn't think of before. I'd say my favorite part of the course was valuation and trying to put a "price" on natural resources. It's a pretty important part to preserving these resources and, in turn, our existence. I'd say that is critical for both EVS and ECN majors to know. For EVS majors, this last week of study concerning forests and fisheries is important. Learning how to cut down on our consuming while preserving for the future is critical. I also enjoyed the class discussions and wish the best of luck to everyone in their future studies and pursuits. Hopefully we'll cross paths again in the near future.

Erin Tremblay said...

I am an Environmental Science major, and interestingly enough, valuation seemed like the most important topic to me as well (& therefore was my favorite!) I had a conversation with on of my professors a few months ago, and she stressed the importance of being able to put environmental values and natural resources into monetary terms. I thought that was wise advice then, but now after this class, I realize the importance of valuation. I have at least grasped the concept of valuation, ( & realize I have a lot more to learn; But, as of now I have learned the importance of valuation in that it spans multiple disciplines by creating a common threshold on which different individuals, organizations and industries can communicate. Money is a currency everyone understands.