Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Visualization of the economics of deforestation in Sumatra

This is pretty cool. The website is a bit annoying, but once you get in and can move around, it's a pretty interesting view of values from forest regimes and the incidence of costs and benefits across users.

Here is a link to the publication upon which the values are based. What valuation methods did they apply?


Taylor Cobb said...

A benefit cost analysis was employed using the "impact pathway approach". They compared different scenarios, and their pros and cons, in their “dynamic simulation model”. The interactive graph seems to show exactly what has been mentioned; Agriculture wins out over the relatively distant return on selectively using the timber instead of clear-cutting.

Tyler Mckee said...

Those charts were very interesting in showing just how inefficient deforestation is and how it can really harm a developing countries economic trend. I feel like more needs to be done to show these countries that their forests have non-use values that far eclipse their current trend of deforestation.